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Now accepting applications for the December 7, 2019 MFM Holiday Market.
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Vendor applications are closed until 2020 for the MFM summer season.
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See below for the following vendor information

New! for the 2019 season

Vendor Application Timeline

2-week Primary Application Period​

Rolling Applications, and Substitute Vendor List

Vendor Application Checklist

New! for the 2019 season

Four main things that are new or different for the 2019 season that you'll want to take note of:

  1. The primary vendor application period will be 2 weeks long instead of a full month. Read below under "Vendor Application Timeline" for more information.

  2. There will be an optional Vendor Orientation on May 24, two weeks prior to the first market.

  3. The MFM will be collecting gross sales data from vendors each market date. This data will be confidential and put to good use. Read more about it here.

  4. There are some changes to the Vendor Policies for 2019 so make sure you review the following items in the 2019 MFM Vendor Handbook:

    • Liability and Insurance (in the Vendor Guidelines section)​. In a general sense these changes are more strict than last year, and the most significant change is that fruit and vegetable farms will be required to submit proof of insurance, which they weren't last year.

    • Enforcement and Disputes (in the Vendor Guidelines section). The 3rd offense now has a fee-option rather than just dismissal from the Market.

Vendor Application Timeline

2-week Primary Application Period: March 1 through March 15, 2019
All applications submitted during the first two weeks of applications opening will have full and equal consideration by the MFM Board, and vendor acceptance announced by late-March.


Rolling Applications, and Substitute Vendor List
After the 2-week Primary Application Period vendor applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and accepted vendors offered market dates as space allows. Vendors who apply after all market dates are full can still be placed on the MFM Substitute Vendor list for an opportunity at market dates that become available due to cancellations.​​

Vendor Application Checklist

  1. Review of Vendor Handbook.

    • All prospective vendors and their on-site market staff must thoroughly review the current MFM Vendor Handbook and have working knowledge of the policies and expectations contained within.

  2. Vendor Application. 

    • Vendor applications are available online. Paper copies of the application are available by request. All prospective vendors must submit a complete and signed application (online application allows for electronic signature).

      Please note: there isn’t a good way to save your application midway through to finish later, but you will be able to keep a browser window open with the online form for as long as you want.

  3. (if applicable) Organic Affidavit.

    • Vendors identifying their product as Organic who meet the qualifications for the Organic exemption, including having gross sales less than $5,000 annually, may sign and submit the Organic Affidavit in lieu of posting proof of Organic certification at Market. Due 2 weeks prior to Market attendance.

  4. (if applicable) General Liability Insurance Certificate Naming MFM as an Additional Insured.

    • Certain food vendors and vendors selling alcohol are required to provide proof of liability insurance with Manzanita Farmers Market as an additional named insured. For more information see “Liability and Insurance” in the Vendor Guidelines section of the MFM Vendor Handbook. Due 2 weeks prior to Market attendance.

  5. Vendor payment.

    • MFM will email a payment invoice to approved vendors, which can be paid online or by check.

      • Full season vendor discounted prepayment is due May 10, 2019.

      • Daily vendor payment is due 1 week before Market attendance.


We look forward to your applications and a great 2019 season!