COVID-19 and the

Manzanita Farmers Market

We are making the following changes & requests for the 2020 season, until further notice.

How We're Dealing With This

Guiding principles to inform decision making for the Manzanita Farmers Market during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Follow official mandates & regulations

    • Regulatory (e.g., Oregon Department of Agriculture, County Health Dept.)

    • National

    • State

    • City

  • Prevent spread of COVID-19

    • For vendors

    • For customers

    • For community members not participating in markets

  • Benefit area residents

    • Facilitate safe and streamlined sales opportunities for local businesses.

      • Specifically, businesses that meet the Manzanita Farmers Market’s vendor criteria which requires the vendor be the producer of their product, and located within 100 miles of Manzanita

    • Facilitate safe and streamlined purchasing opportunities for local residents.

Expectations on the part of vendors, customers, and management

Vendor responsibilities and expectations:

  • Vendors will be required to bring and wear masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Social Distancing Officers: 

    • Every vendor booth will establish one "Social Distancing Officer"

    • Each Social Distancing Officer must:

      • Know they are the officer and be able to answer affirmatively if questioned

      • Take responsibility for enforcing the social distancing policies in their own spaces. 

    • The vendor-officers will be responsible for their spaces, and the market-officer will be responsible for the common spaces in the market.  This can be done in addition to other duties, but needs to be a priority for that individual. 

  • Each booth will provide their own hand-washing station.​

  • Vendors will pre-pack orders for each customer, label orders on the outside of the packing with the customer’s name, and bring orders to the drive-through drop site.


Market responsibilities and operations:

  • The farmers market vendor booths will be spaced at least 10 feet apart. 

  • Hand washing stations and hand sanitizer will be for on-site farmers market volunteers, staff, and vendors. Vendors will be asked to bring their own hand washing stations.

  • Nutrition incentive programs will continue to run (SNAP, DUFB, WIC/Senior FDNP). 

  • Zero-tolerance policy for coming to market when sick, for both staff and vendors. To support this we have adjusted our vendor policies to allow for vendor fee refunds up to and including the day of the market.

  • The length of the customer pick-up window will be largely determined by the number of orders received.

Customer responsibilities and expectations:

  • The May 9 market will be pre-order only. Orders may be placed through May 7 here. 

    • There will be NO on-site sales on May 9

    • We will know more soon about the operations of summer​ markets

    • We are accepting orders from local residents only, in support of the state-of-emergency & stay-at-home orders of Manzanita & the State of Oregon

  • Pick-up:

    • Order pick-up will be drive-through only. Customers are asked to remain in their vehicles

    • SNAP payment transactions will be conducted on-site, following social distancing guidelines

    • MFM will assign time windows (15 minute increments) for customers to arrive to pick up their order

    • ​The preferred loading method will be to have the customer pop open their trunk from within their vehicle to receive their pre-packaged order.

    • Customers will tape a piece of paper with their name to the inside of their car window so orders can be identified and loaded into their vehicle without rolling windows down.

  • Traffic Flow:

    • Vehicles will enter through one entrance of parking lot and, after a “U” shaped drive-through, exit at the other end of the parking lot. 




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