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May 9 Vendors: instructions for Saturday

Howdy there!

Thank you for being a part of this! 

Here's the run down for what happens between now and Saturday for you and the orders you received via MFM's online marketplace

Summary of Your Tasks for May 9

Further details and how-to tips below, brief summary here:

  1. View your orders on Friday. Customer orders will be finalized by midnight on Thursday.

  2. Gather your orders by customer. Group all items together by customer order and make sure customer name is on the outside of the bag / box / container.

  3. Bring your pre-packed orders to the city parking lot in Manzanita by 9 am on Saturday. We need enough time to organize all order items by customer name before customers arrive

  4. Help group orders by customer last name as you unload your product. We are doing an aggregated model so that you don't need to set up your own booth space.

  5. Some vendors will be free to leave while a few stay behind to help direct traffic and load orders for customers between 10 am and 12 noon.

Question for each of you:

Let me know if you are willing to stay on site on Saturday May 9 to help load orders? 

We will want about 7 people on site, and there are 9 of you vendors.

Viewing and Preparing Your Orders

  • View or print your "Pick List" You can view your orders at any time during the customer ordering window (Sunday through Thursday). Customer orders are finalized on Thursday at midnight.

  • Log in to your Producer Profile on Local Food Marketplace

  • Click on "Pick List" from the menu on the lefthand side

  • You want the Period "4/30/2020" to be showing in the drop down menu on the left.

  • Choose a pick list format from the drop down menu on the right.

  • "Summary" pick list shows totals by product. Use this for harvest list / aggregating product.

  • "Detailed" pick list shows orders by customer. Use this for packing orders by customer.

  • In blue text on the right there you can click on "Print Pick List"

  • Note, you will also receive an auto-generated email with your order totals early on Friday morning. However, by logging in to your Producer Profile on LFM you will be able to view or print either the "Summary" or "Detailed" order sheet.

Pack orders by customer

  • You can print customer labels that are automatically generated for you to in Local Food Marketplace. 

  • From your Producer Profile in LFM ...

  • Click on "Reports" on lefthand menu

  • Click on "Labels" tab in blue text... you'll likely want "Free-form" or "Detailed" labels. To preview them select the radio button for free-form or detailed and click on print labels to see a preview. 

  • Print labels which you will need to staple or tape to each customer order.

  • Depending on your product you may want to use paper bags, plastic bags, or boxes. Most important is that it's easy to transfer into a customer's vehicle as one unit. As it is each customer order often has items from multiple vendors so at least the items from each vendor need to be a single unit to make it easier to load and not miss any items.

Organize your orders by customer last name

  • At minimum it will be helpful to have orders from customers with last names starting with A through M separate from orders from customers with last names N through Z. In preparation for when you arrive at the city parking lot on Saturday I'd highly recommend your orders are at least somewhat organized by last name so that it is easier for you/us to go ahead and group customer's ordered items together. For example, if a customer ordered honey, coffee and salad mix, we're going to put those honey, coffee and salad mix items together at the market site.   

Saturday May 9

  • Arrive at city parking lot in Manzanita by 9 am

  • It is very important that you arrive early enough that we can sort all of the orders by customer. 

  • There will be two tent stations set up with tables and we will arrange customer orders along the tables alphabetically. 

  • One tent will be for customer orders with last names starting with A through M, and the other tent will have the other half of the alphabet

  • Here is a mockup of the layout that customers will experience (image below)

  • Customers start arriving at 10 am

  • Customer approaches from Dorcas Lane and enter through south parking lot entrance past flagger

  • Flagger may have walkie talkie to radio customer name to those waiting at tents with orders

  • Customers are asked to write their names on paper and display in their window so they don't have to roll down their window.

  • Customer is directed to pull in front of tent appropriate to their last name.

  • There will be one person in each tent helping to fetch orders and one person per tent tasked with loading vehicles.

  • We'll start with having a flagger at the North exit from the parking lot to wave them farewell.

COVID-19 precautions....

Lets show how responsible, respectful, and caring we are about these safety precautions, and the health of each and every one of our community members.

Face masks will be required for all who are on site, at all times, on Saturday May 9. Bring your own face mask if you have one. I have extra face masks to hand out if you do not have one (they were donated). We will all observe the 6-foot physical distancing as we are working around each other. There are other sanitizing procedures but we'll go over those on site as needed. MFM will provide a handwashing station on site, portapotty, some hand sanitizer, some safety vests, and the tents/tables/traffic cones/signage etc. You are responsible for bringing your fabulous goods :) Best,  ~Emily

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