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MFM Vendor Instructions for setting up online sales profile

Hello Food and Farm Vendors, 

Here the steps you need to take to sell through the Manzanita Farmers Market this summer. You will need to initiate the process starting with Step 1 below. In brief, customers place orders starting several days in advance, and then the customer ordering window closes the day before market. You, the vendors, then have the finalized customer orders which you will harvest/create and pack by customer order. Vendors then bring their product to the MFM market site and either just drop off your product or stay on site to help load orders into customer vehicles. Basically we don't need all vendors to stay on site, we just need a total of about 7 individuals on site to transfer the prepackaged orders into the backs of customer's vehicles. After the customers orders have been picked up the customers credit card payments are processed, and checks are mailed to the producers for the amount they sold. The prices that customer pays will include a 3.1% markup to cover credit card processing fees and the vendor will receive the listing price that they enter in their Producer Profile with Local Food Marketplace, the online platform MFM is working with. STEP 1 Vendor Sign Up: Follow these instructions: 

1. Go to this web address:

2. Click on "Sign Up!" at the top of the page

  • It will appear that it is prompting you to sign up as a customer. Go ahead. There's a strategy to this.

  • You will be prompted to enter your email and create a password.

3. Fill in your basic contact information for your business.

  • At the top of the page is a grey box with a drop down menu where you can choose the "Producer" option.

  • Click the "Register" button at the bottom of the page.

STEP 2 Product List and Biz Profile Image:

1. Email me a list of the products you want to sell with all of the following information. 

  • Product name and variety (eg, Red Russian Kale)

  • Unit you want listed for sale (eg, by the bunch) 

  • Price per unit (eg $3 per bunch)

  • Quantity of product available (eg 20 bunches) 

2. Email me a logo or image that you'd like to show up with your business profile. See this page for examples from other producers.

That will get you started! Then I have a couple things I'll need to do to get you in the system. Then I'll send instructions for the finishing touches and you'll be ready to go! Best,  ~Emily Emily Vollmer, Market Manager Manzanita Farmers Market

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