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Rex Champ Field - Key Vendor Info!

Hello MFM Vendors!

Here is the key info for how MFM will operate for the foreseeable future at our temporary location at the ballfield.

Booth fees:

  1. Booth spaces will continue to be charged on a per-booth basis so ONE booth space (10' by 10') space is $30 and TWO booth spaces is $60.

Key Info:

  • Market Location

  • We'll be holding the Market at the Rex Champ Field on Highway 101 between Manzanita and Nehalem. (It's next door to the Manzanita Lighhouse and sort of across the highway from the gas station.)  

  • Address is: 36465 N Hwy 101, Nehalem, OR 97131

  • Booth Space

  • Vendors will need to set up and staff their own booth space on Friday.

  • Set up will be from 2pm to 4pm

  • Market will be from 4pm to 7pm

  • You can drive your vehicle out onto the ball field and park right behind your booth space. (Yay!)

  • See attached layout map.

  • We expect we may be hosting 20 to 22 vendors this week, the majority of whom have their products available online for pre-order 

  • Online Orders Will Continue

  • Vendors participating in the online marketplace must have their business name displayed prominently at their booth space, so that it can easily be read from a distance. This will be critical for helping customers find the vendors they ordered from. Your typical vinyl banner is a good option, a sandwich board could work... just make sure the text is LARGE enough. ;)

  • Customers will need to walk in to pick up their orders (they can send a friend to pick up for them of course).

  • There will be NO drive through option this week for customers. We want to get to that but need to ease into this new location and operating scenario so we'll start with the basics and then make improvements.

  • Customers placing orders online this week will need to visit the booth of each vendor they ordered from. We are preparing digital image maps for them to see ahead of time, and some on-site signage.

  • Product For Sale On Site

  • The online marketplace will host farm and food products. Other product types (eg, craft, art, body products etc) will be for on site sales - just not via MFM's online marketplace.

  • Any vendor can offer product for sale on site at the Market on Friday, regardless of whether they have products listed on MFM's online marketplace.

  • As a continuation of the grant project that MFM is participating in, vendors must report their gross sales to MFM (confidentially of course!) for on site sales at each market. MFM will email an online form to respond to. Notably MFM has already found great value in referring to the aggregate (and anonymous) data collected via this grant project (past and current year's data) and we plan to use it to leverage for needed funding, and other aspects in support of MFM vendor businesses.  

  • COVID Precautions

  • Masks required... for all persons at the Market, vendors, volunteers and customers alike. 

  • Vendors are not allowed to sell to any customer not wearing a mask. We will require masks at the entrance, and we will have masks available to give out, but if there is a cantankerous customer that refuses to comply at the entrance to the Market and enters without our permission our recourse is a collective refusal to provide service, and I've been told by the local police that we can call in to report Tresspassing if a customer refuses to comply with wearing a mask or face covering.

  • Vendors must each bring and set up their own hand washing station and/or sanitizing option at their own booth. This is for the vendor's own handwashing, and for sanitizing any surfaces touched by customers.

  • No-touch shopping. Plan to set up your booth space so that customers are separated from the product you have to sell (eg, table or rope across front of booth). Do not allow customers to handle product unless they have committed to purchasing it. This will look slightly different for different product types. Part of the importance here is that we (Market and Vendors) present a collective front and a unified approach to make the most of physical distancing and minimizing contact to protect ourselves and others. 

Let us know if you have questions.

Feedback and suggestions always welcome.



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