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[Update] May 9 Tentative - 2020 MFM Season: April 17, 2020

Hello vendors!

First off, we have a new page on our MFM website in the Vendor Portal where we will be posting these vendor email updates. That will be a place you can check in case you're wondering if you missed an email message or just want to refer to the latest update.

Vendor Updates posted here:

You will also find a link near the top of the Vendor Portal page to take you to the Vendor Updates feed.

We're sending this announcement to keep you in the loop. We're working hard in the background here to continue to support our vendors and customers, and there are a lot of elements we're needing to work through that are simply still in process (I'll spare you the drawn out list ;). It's a slow process but we're making headway.

Update about May 9

We believe there's still a good chance that we can hold a very limited modified vendor-sales event on Saturday May 9th. If we do, we expect it to be:

  • Online pre-order only, (through Local Food Marketplace)

  • Customer drive-through pick-up only,

  • For only food and farm products only (and the products allowed for sale may be even stricter than that).

At present we are still in communication with the City of Manzanita to work with them to obtain permission to operate in the safest way possible. Farmers Markets are indeed still specified as "essential businesses" by the Governor and allowed to operate, however each local jurisdiction is making their own decisions about their own specific scenarios.

Update about summer season

We are focusing on the May 9th event at this time, but we are also planning for the summer season. The summer season situation and permissions involve the same entities that we are working with to hold a May 9 event so I believe it is very beneficial to try to work out a scenario and test it out on a small scale on May 9 so that we can more confidently take on the weekly summer market.

More coming soon. Stay tuned.

Take care all!


Emily Vollmer, Market Manager


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